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Calibration Support

On-Line Gauges and Measurement Systems are designed to give you real-time results to laboratory accuracy. Key to this is the adjustment of the NDC factory calibration of the sensor to your preferred reference method.

There are many different ways of generating reference values in samples taken from the line and tested in the lab, all of which can give different results.

Depending on your method, the on-line gauge from NDC will need to be adjusted so that it agrees with your QC results. For example, gravimetric moisture testing in the lab will probably give a different result to Karl Fischer wet chemistry.

NDC has over 40 years experience in on-line gauging systems and is able to share this experience with its customers in order to validate the calibration results and get best performance from your measurement system.

How we support you depends on your needs, but our scope of expertise includes:

  • Data analysis and calibration validation
  • Results validation
  • Sampling techniques
  • Working with internal and external test laboratories
  • Configuring your system for new products or new measurements
  • Incorporating NDC Measurements into your Quality Assurance programs

Please use the Request Informationfeature to open the dialogue with our Support Team.

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