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Remote Support Services

Remote Internet based Support for Series 710e Gauges and InfraLab e-Series Analyzers

NDC Series 710e Gauges and InfraLab e-Series Analyzers are designed for today’s manufacturing processes. They are engineered for maximum stability, accuracy, robustness and longevity, and need no routine maintenance; and the only two consumable parts, the source lamp and filterwheel motor, are guaranteed for 5 years. In short, NDC delivers the lowest lifetime costs of ownership of any gauging manufacturer.

To ensure you continue to achieve maximum return on your investment in NDC, we are here to support you throughout the 10+ year serviceable life of your gauge.

Part of our support offering includes our modular Customer Support Plans, including on-site visits by one of our engineers, to check that your gauge is working optimally and continues to do so.

However, thanks to the Series 710e’s flexible connectivity functionality, there is much that we can do without having to make an on-site visit, either on demand, in the case of a possible failure, or as part of our new modular Remote Support Contracts.

Either way, our Remote Support, delivered by one of our dedicated engineers, provides immediate peace of mind, helping to maximize up-time and reduce cost, by obviating the need for an on-site visit.

Remote support can be initiated on a one-off basis, or it can form part of our contracted support package, meaning your personnel can concentrate on your production process.

Remote support is available for our Ethernet-enabled Series 710e on-line NIR gauges and InfraLab e-Series benchtop analysers, used extensively for measuring moisture and other parameters in manufacturing processes, such as food, converting, chemicals and other bulk products, to improve quality and enable process control.

This facility enables NDC service engineers to access an instrument anywhere in the world via an internet-based connection for software upgrades, performance evaluation, calibration and more, providing a cost-effective alternative to on-site visits and saving valuable time with instant access. Contact us for more information.


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