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Product Upgrades

NDC Measurement Systems enjoy an unrivalled reputation for robustness and longevity, and our global Customer Care team is available to help you at any time.

As your production processes and demands develop, so there may be a need to upgrade your NDC measurement system to meet your needs, or if you are using competitor systems, to enhance performance by the inclusion of new hardware or interfaces.

In many cases, obsolete NDC products are still giving reliable service day-to-day, but at some stage they will come to the point when repair is either uneconomical or no longer possible due to component availability.

We offer cost-effective flexible upgrade and trade-in paths for most measurement systems, for both our scanning web gauging and metals systems as well as for our fixed-point on-line gauges and at-line analyzers

System Upgrade Advantages:

  • Extend the life of your original gauging system investment
  • Bring your system up to the latest standards of performance
  • Insure that your system will be supported well into the future
  • Align yourself with a company that will provide you with low-cost, first-class service

To learn more about the options available to you,either email us at upgrades@ndcinfrared.com. or contact your local NDC Customer Care center or your distributor. Our representative will then contact you to discuss your upgrade requirements.

For further details on system upgrade or trade-in paths for our key product goups, please visit the links to the right.

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