NDC's OptiMike Non-Contacting Optical Thickness Gauge
NDC's OptiMike Non-Contacting Optical Thickness Gauge

OptiMike OM190 Optical Micrometer

The OptiMike™ OM190 optical micrometer provides direct, single-sided thickness measurement for non-metallic sheet and thick film products.
The sensor incorporates a light emitting diode (LED) array that projects a beam of light across the apex of the product wrapped over a precision reference roll. This roll has low run-out characteristics for accurate, absolute measurement performance. On the opposite side of the roll, a precision charged couple device (CCD) micrometer array measures the exact location of the top surface of the product to sub-micron accuracy. An integrated eddy current sensor measures the distance of the sensor to the surface of the roll. The data from the CCD array and the eddy current sensor are combined to provide a total thickness measurement. The optical measurement technique is unaffected by the color, density or gloss of the product.

For sound measurement performance, the gauge frame is made from a structurally stable material with a low coefficient of expansion. A thermo-electric cooling (TEC) system maintains the internal temperature of the sensor components and electronics to within ± 0.1oC. The gauge is surrounded by a thermal protection case to further stabilize the gauge and exclude contaminants. The case also provides electromagnetic shielding for the internal components. For reliability and ease of installation, OptiMike does not require either air or water utilities.
The intelligent MiniTrak-S scanner serves as the OptiMike’s measurement platform for reliable performance and low maintenance requirements.

OptiMike OM190 features:

  • Non-contacting measurement
  • Intelligent gauge
  • Field proven
  • Low cost of ownership

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NDC's OptiMike Non-Contacting Optical Thickness Measurement Gauge

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