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High-Precision Length and Speed Gauging Delivers Long-Term Value

Building material manufacturers produce products such as lumber and veneer, gypsum and cement board, asphalt shingles and organic roofing felt, and other commercial materials. All of these products have a common problem when it comes to measurement: their surfaces are usually laden with debris, sometimes wet, and slippery making it difficult for mechanical contact encoders to capture accurate length and speed readings. Increasing the contact pressure of the encoder wheel can scar or damage the product making it unuseable for customer delivery. Sending the wrong length or speed signal via PLC can trigger an inaccurate cut. The undesirable result is costly: product scrap, maintenance downtime, and lower product quality.

LaserSpeed Pro provides measurement versatility for the toughest applications

Because LaserSpeed Pro does not contact your product, it works on virtually all surfaces regardless of shape, color, or texture. This measurement versatility allows you to change very quickly from product to product without having to make time-consuming gauge adjustments. You get precise length and speed measurements for a range of tough applications. From continuous length…to speed control…to cut-to-length…and more, LaserSpeed Pro gives you the flexibility to succeed.

Reap the rewards of high accuracy

Instead of a measurement accuracy of 1 to 2% with the mechanical contact method, LaserSpeed Pro brings better than ±0.03% accuracy with 0.02% repeatability to your operation. This higher level of accuracy helps you reduce production scrap, improve product quality, and take productivity to new heights. With LaserSpeed Pro, you realize a fast payback in savings.

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