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Above Ground or Underground...Get Gauging Accuracy, Quality and Performance

BETA LaserMike gauges are successfully used in a wide range of plastic pipe and tube measurement applications including irrigation.

BETA LaserMike gauges can precisely measure and control all the critical dimensional properties of your irrigation pipe and tubing products including diameter and ovality, wall thickness, and length and speed -- as well as rapidly catch product flaws. Our solutions can be used for gauging main-line pipe and tube, drip-line pipe and tube, microtubing and other product types for low-flow and high-flow irrigation applications such as:

  • Residential landscape and garden
  • Water management
  • Feeder line
  • Distribution
  • To name a few

Regardless of the plastic or polymer material used to manufacture your products during the extrusion process, BETA LaserMike gauging solutions will enable you to produce superior products that meet and exceed your quality and performance requirements.

Check out our gauging solutions below.

Wall Thickness

UltraScan Pro

Process Control

Lump & Neck


Length & Speed

LaserSpeed® Pro


Other Solutions to Add to Your Process