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Overcome Tube Production Challenges with Automated Inspection

We understand that as a medical tube manufacturer you face challenges as diverse as the markets and customers you serve. Producing life-critical devices such as IVs, catheters or other medical tube products requires you to meet strict regulations from government organizations and customers that hold you liable for absolute product quality and safety.

As a leading global solutions provider, we can help you stay on top of regulatory requirements with our automated gauging solutions. Regardless of your tubing application, we have the measurement and control system that will enable you to meet the demands of the marketplace and:

- Reduce start-up time

- Improve quality and documentation

- Decrease material usage

- Improve data management

Check out our gauging solutions below.

Wall Thickness

UltraScan Pro

Process Control

Lump & Neck


Length & Speed

LaserSpeed® Pro


Other Solutions to Add to Your Process