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LAN/Data, Telecom, Coaxial and More... BETA LaserMike Measurement and Control Systems Add Value to the Cable Extrusion Process

As a communication cable manufacturer, you probably face a number of production challenges based around productivity and quality. The highly competitive marketplace continues to consolidate and create challenges to reduce costs, especially in the midst of rising polymer prices. Reducing manufacturing costs requires using less material and running at higher line speeds in order to make more finished product in less time.

In addition, customers are calling for greater bandwidth, higher speed and longer distance from their communication cables. Whether the communication cable is LAN/Data, Telecom or Coaxial, manufacturers must endeavor to push the limits of product quality and performance in order to remain economically competitive.

BETA LaserMike products from NDC can help. We can provide you with the capability to automatically measure and control all the dimensional aspects of the production process so you can realize greater manufacturing efficiencies and savings.

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