Cable & Tube

UltraScan Pro

Setting the Highest Standard in Ultrasonic Wall Thickness and Concentricity Measurements

Increase production efficiencies and reduce material costs by better controlling product wall thickness and concentricity.

  • Maximize Productivity  accurately measure wall thickness without operator input
  • Eliminate Operator Error – advanced "Snap Technology" provides fully automatic setup and calibration for quick, simple operation
  • Produce Highest Quality Products – measure up to 4 layers and thinnest of walls with maximum precision; benefit from high-speed fault detection
  • Easy to Install and Use – compact, robust gauge heads simply install in trough without need for separate tanks
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – get the most versatile Ethernet connectivity, communication and control capabilities for easy integration into production networks

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The Most Powerful Ultrasonic Wall Thickness and Concentricity Gauge in the Industry

The UltraScan gauge has a long history of proven performance in a wide range of industries including wire and cable, plastic pipe and tube, and more. The UltraScan DSP Pro with the industry's most unique "Snap Technology" automatically sets up waveforms of all tranducers, tracks tolerances to catch wall variations and provides higher accuracy of average wall and concentricity measurements with assured repeatability. It is capable of 25 μm (0.001 in) wall thickness measurements on tubes as small as 250 μm (0.010 in).

UltraScan Pro is equipped with ultra-fast processing and measurement capabilities, high-speed tolerance checking, multi-layer measurements (up to 4 layers), enhanced connectivity via built-in web server and other advances. This powerful gauge provides the most comprehensive communications platform with expanded Ethernet connectivity, and also lays the foundation for future wireless connection.

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