Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

In-process moisture measurements - on-line and at-line - for powders, granules, pastes and slurries
NDC, cosmetics, moisture measurement, optimize quality
NDC, moisture in detergent powders, phosphates, zeolites, nitrates
NDC, Moisture measurement in nutraceutical powders, end-point moisture determination
NDC, pharmaceutical powders, tableting, end-point moisture determination, measurement
NDC Measurement of Moisture in Chemical Powders

NDC has extensive experience in providing moisture measurement solutions to a diverse range of moisture gauging applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and associated industries, helping our customers to:

  • Optimize the drying process
  • Improve productivity
  • Monitor and control product quality 
  • Reduce energy costs and fossil fuel consumption

The CM710e (for chemicals) and the PH710e (for pharmaceuticals) on-line moisture gauges and accessories are engineered to operate in the most demanding and challenging of measurement locations, to give real-time measurements designed for closed-loop control of the process.

Available in IP65 Cast Alloy as well as IP65/IP67 and ATEX Certified Stainless Steel housings for more demanding or aggressive environments, the CM710e's patented design guarantees long-term drift-free performance, while our applications expertise insures accuracy and repeatability for every measurement.

PowderVision Samplers can be used to access enclosed processes, and when the need or preference is to take samples from the process for analysis, the InfraLab rapid benchtop analyzers deliver accurate moisture measurements in seconds.

To learn more about NDC's products for the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and associated industries, please click on the links to the right to find out more about your application area, or below to download our Industry Brochure. Find your local distributor on our Worldwide Distribution page, or use the Request Information feature to open a dialogue with our NIR sales team.



Achieve optimal moisture content during chemical powder production

NDc, Moisture measurement in chemical powders

Moisture in cosmetic powder formulations

NDc, moisture measurement in cosmetic powders

Zeolite, phosphate or nitrate powder moisture measurements

Detergent powder moisture measurement and analysis

Achieve optimal moisture content during chemical fertilizer production

Chemical fertlizer moisture measurement and analysis for ammonium phosphate or nitrates

Moisture measurement of powders and tableting formulations

NDC, Moisture content measurement in nutraceutical powders

Pharmaceutical Moisture end-point determination during fluid bed drying, pre-tableting

NDC, Moisture end-point determination in pharmaceutical powders prior to tableting

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