Pharmaceutical Moisture Measurement

NDC PH710e pharmaceutical moisture gauges can be used as part of your PAT Process Analytical Technology strategy to provide real-time moisture measurements of the drying process within the fluid bed dryer prior to tableting. The gauge can measure either through a sight glass, if the formulation does not adhere to the window, or be used in combination with a proprietary fiber optic probe arrangement.

The PH710e pharmaceutical moisture analyzer is a powerful in-process alternative to off-line LOD (loss on drying) gravimetric testing and complements the other real-time outputs used to run a granulation suite by providing:

  • a robust real-time measurement of moisture
  • improved drying process visualization
  • full CIP capability and wash-in-place during production 

Achieving reliable on-line pharmaceutical  moisture measurement requires the fulfilment of two key criteria:

  • reliable and robust analyzer measurement technology
  • reliable and robust process interfacing to guarantee that the analyzer measures representative product

For at-lime sample measurements, the InfraLab NIR moisture analyzer is designed to complement rather than replace a compendial method. The InfraLab benchtop moisture analyzer provides fast access to reliable repeatable results thanks to a larger more representative sample size. Samples can be presented to the InfraLab in a choice of bowl sizes, or, by means of an adapter plate, in standard 90mm Petri dishes.

Taking only 5 seconds to complete each sample analysis, InfraLab can help users to control batches quickly and efficiently. InfraLab's passcode protected user interface provides secure access to reliable results.

For more information about pharmaceutical moisture measurement and analysis please download the chemicals and pharmaceuticals brochure. 

NDC, pharmaceutical powders, tableting, end-point moisture content measurement


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