Battery Coating

There is hardly a device that we use in our daily life that doesn’t rely on batteries. These include power tools, laptops, mobile phones and electric vehicles. NDC are able to provide complete battery measurement and control solutions from thickness measurement of the microporous separator film through basis weight measurement of the battery coating to final product thickness measurement following the press line.

NDC’s Patch Coater Spot-On coat weight software solution: provides accurate coat weight measurement for complex coating application combinations and electrode combinations. The Spot-On portfolio includes:

Same Spot Measurement: This accurately positions two scanning gauges using high-resolution digital pulse encoders. The scanning path of the coat sensor is coordinated to measure the exact same spot of the web as the pre-coat gauge. Same Spot measurement is maintained throughout speed changes.

Pattern Recognition Measurement: Accurately measures the patch coating without the influence of uncoated gaps in the foil.

True Net Coat Weight: Eliminates the calibration effects due to the composition difference and the absorption properties between the base foil and the coating material. By matching the response of the two sensors so that they measure exactly the same on the base material during setup, the net difference is calibrated to provide a single coating response calibration curve.

Variable Isolation Software: Segregates cross direction from machine direction variations to improve control performance and speed of response.

NDC systems replace slow, time-consuming off-line sample testing, freeing up personnel time and delivering a quick payback through reduced scrap, faster start-up and higher quality LIB constituents for reliable, safe, long-life battery performance.




NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement and Control System for Lithium Ion Battery Coating Applications


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