Decorative Laminate Material Measurement

Manufacturing decorative laminates is a complex process requiring measurement and control of many quality parameters at each stage. To manage the process effectively and to achieve consistent quality, manufacturers require that the following quality measurements are available at key stages of the process:

  • Substrate weight
  • Coating weight (s)
  • Product thickness
  • Total product weight
  • Moisture content

NDC’s gauges can measure all of these quality parameters and provide advanced control solutions for critical process operations. NDC’s flexible TDi (Totally Distributed Intelligence) web gauging platform supports the entire line of available gauges to help ensure that the correct gauge available for best results. For example, gamma backscatter (GBS) gauges can be configured to measure in fixed-point using a plurality of gauges either in the machine direction to measure coatings or cross direction for zone profile data. Systems can also be configured with scanning capability to provide a detailed picture of the product averages and profiles during various stages of manufacture.

NDC’s intelligent family of gauges includes gamma, beta, x-ray, laser, infrared and optical technologies.

To learn more about NDC's range of decorative laminate web gauging systems please download the Coating and Converting Brochure. 

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