Flooring Materials Measurement

Complex flooring manufacturing lines demand sound web gauging solutions. These lines need both flooring thickness and  flooring coat weight measurements at various stages of manufacture in order to produce a high-quality product with repeatable dimensions. NDC has developed a full range of gauges, scanners and systems to perform the critical measurements and controls needed for calendered or coated flooring products.

For example, the compact single-sided Gamma Backscatter (GBS) gauge is small enough to fit onto a calender stack to measure the basis weight of the product directly against the roll. Also, NDC’s intelligent beta and x-ray sensors can be mounted before and after coating or casting stations to provide excellent coat weight measurement. In addition NDC’s laser thickness gauges or its OptiMike optical thickness gauge can measure flooring  thickness to a high degree of accuracy, independent of product composition. Finally, NDC’s infrared gauges can accurately measure clear protective coats on a wide variety of substrates.

These gauges can be mounted either in fixed point or as scanning measurements as required down the line. When combined with NDC's complete range of control products for calenders and coaters, they help produce optimum material usage, minimum scrap and improved product uniformity.

For more information about flooring and safety flooring material measurement please download the Coating and Converting Brochure. 


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