Film and Sheet Extrusion

Film thickness measurement and barrier layer measurement for extruded film and sheet
NDC Blown Film Web Gauging Measurement and Control System
NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement and Control System Biax Film and Sheet. BOPP, BOPET
NDC Scanning Web Gauging Measurement and Control System Film and Sheet
NDC Web Gauging System Cast Film Web Gauging Measurement and Control System

NDC has the widest range of on-line film thickness measurement and control solutions for blown film, cast film, biax film and sheet. This includes the barrier layer thickness measurement for multi-layer films.

NDC’s on-line film and sheet measurement systems are available for a wide range of web widths, machine speeds and product thicknesses. In addition, NDC's machine direction and advanced profile controls (APC) plus its full suite of HMI reports help provide superior product quality and significantly reduced scrap.

Measurement techniques include:

  • NIR (near infrared) and MIR (mid infrared) transmission
  • Beta transmission
  • X-ray transmission
  • X-ray backscatter
  • Gamma backscatter

From microns to millimeters, NDC's film thickness gauges are recognized worldwide for their accuracy, stability and reliability.

To learn more about film thickness measurement and NDC's products for the Extrusions Industry, please click on the links to the right to find out more about your application area, or below to download our Extrusion Industry Brochure. Find your local distributor on our Worldwide Distribution page, or use the Request Information feature to open a dialogue with our Extrusion sales team.


SRF, India: BOPET Improved measurement and control results from NDC's Pro.Net Web Gauging System. Download

Berry Plastics, USA: Blown film measurement and control results. Download

COEXPAN, Chile: OptiMikeTM improves quality and the company's green image. Download

Xinxiang Zhonke, China: NDC's FG710S, the only sensor able to measure the thickness of micro porous LIB separator film. Download



Sheet extrusion web gauging solutions

NDC Sheet Extrusion Thickness Measurement & Basis Weight- Web Gauging System

Biax film and sheet web gauging solutions

Biax Film and Sheet Thickness Measurement Web Gauging System

Blown film web gauging solutions

NDC Blown Film thickness measurement gauge

Cast film web gauging solutions

NDC Cast Film Thickness Gauges, Cast Film Web Gauging Measurement

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