Sheet Extrusion Thickness Measurement

NDC offers a complete range of gauges to measure the sheet extrusion thickness or basis weight of clear, pigmented, single or multi-layer extruded sheet polymer products. NDC’s measurement solutions are designed to ensure accurate, reliable measurement performance across a wide range of thicknesses covering an infinite range of polymer types.

Sheet extrusion thickness gauges may be mounted on either NDC’s intelligent AccuTrak or MiniTrak intelligent scanners with multiple measurements available depending on the scanner payload configuration. Optional controls are available from NDC for machine direction and Advanced Profile Control (APC) that deliver high-performance results for superior quality, improved productivity and reduced scrap.

NDC's gauges and their applications include:

  • Gamma backscatter: For thicker single layer pigmented sheets
  • OptiMike: Non-contacting optical thickness measurement
  • X-Ray Backscatter: Non-contacting x-ray thickness (or weight) measurement
  • Laser Triangulation (Single or Dual-sided: For measuring sheet thickness directly 
  • Infrared Transmission: Measurement of multi-layer co-extruded transparent sheet, providing total thickness (or weight) measurement, plus simultaneous thickness measurement of individual barrier layers.
  • Beta Transmission: Thickness (or weight) measurement for thinner extruded sheet products  

For more information about sheet extrusion thickness measurement gauges, download the Extrusion industry brochure.


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