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The continuous on-line analysis and measurement of moisture content of biscuits and wire-cut cookies as they exit the conveying oven enables the process manager to make informed decisions about the product and the process. We have worked closely with key players in the cookies and biscuits industry  to develop high performance measurements which can also be integrated into closed loop control of the process.

Controlling the moisture content of cookies and biscuits upstream generates key benefits to the processor downstream such as:

  • Improved Shelf-life
  • Reduced Surface Checking

Productivity gains include:

  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Off-Line Testing
  • Reduced Operator Dependency
  • Time Savings

The MM710e Food Gauge is used for on-line measurements respectively during biscuit and cookie manufacture, not just for moisture measurements but for oil or fat content also.

Optionally, the MM710e Gauge can also be used to simultaneously monitor the Degree of Bake or surface brownness of cookies and biscuits, creating a powerful combination of data. The MM710e's unique electro-optical system uses multiple measurement channels to simultaneously sense signals from both the visible and optical spectrum to provide a simultaneous measurement of the Degree of Bake along with the moisture and/or oil measurements.

An optional integrated "gating" system ensures that measurements are taken only when the product is in the measurement area and not the conveyor surface between the biscuits.

Note that measurements are also possible on crackers and crispbreads and savory biscuit snacks.

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Download Degree of Bake French Brochure

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Cookies & Biscuit moisture analyzers and measurement


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