Pickling Line

Pickling Lines often represent the last point in the process where the product thickness can be measured prior to final shipment. Therefore, accurate measurement and flexible reporting packages are important at this stage of manufacture. The acidic environment creates unique challenges in ensuring the measurement platform and its sensors operate reliably.

NDC’s X-Ray thickness gauges are designed to operate accurately and reliably in hostile, acidic environments, where vibration, pressure and heat persist. The NDC AccuRay X-Ray Thickness Systems deliver measurement performance exceeding that required for the newest, most technologically advanced rolling mills built today. To ensure constant high performance regardless of mill or line type, each system is application-matched by optimizing the x-ray power and sensor components. All systems feature a metal-ceramic x-ray tube, over rated high-voltage power supply and a fully digital TDi-700 system architecture. This combination creates stable and repeatable measurement performance for extended mill rolling campaigns.

All x-ray sensors feature application-matched ion chambers. Developed through years of application experience these efficient detectors feature unique designs with 1ms. response times. To further reduce signal noise the detector output is converted to digital within the c-frame. 

The low noise and inherent stability of these systems allows permanent factory calibration covering the entire thickness range. This eliminates time consuming in-mill calibrations, x-ray power adjustments and the associated sample magazines. Automatic alloy calibration is standard in all systems. For higher precision, CPM (Complete Physical Model) provides coil-to-coil calibration based on actual composition.

Summary of benefits:

  • High-reliability X-Ray thickness measurement performance
  • Easy to use Windows® based user interface
  • Integrated SQL database for easy data storage and analysis
  • Distributed system intelligence
  • Full integration to mill/line control network
  • Remote system access and diagnostics

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Pickling Line Metals Gauging Applications


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