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The Plate Mill can represent the only point in the process where the final dimensional quality of the product can be measured and controlled prior to final shipment. Therefore, accurate measurement and flexible reporting packages are important at this stage of manufacture.

NDC provides several critical plate quality measurements, for example: thickness, width and flatness for steel plate mill facilities.  NDC’s T100 Laser thickness gauge provides an effective measurement solution for plate mill operations. Its laser optical measurement technique provides direct thickness measurement without the need to enter its chemical composition. The T100’s C-Frame scanning platform is engineered to provide accurate, repeatable, reliable measurement performance in hostile environments. The C-Frame scanner is designed to accommodate wide trim widths of up to 5.0m (196ins), representing a unique NDC capability.

The ROMETER FQC flatness gauge uses a unique measurement design that provides accurate flatness on very wide products independent of plate movement. The ROMETER is built on NDC’s Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) architecture that creates a fully digital system for improve system speed, reduced system complexity and improved reliability. TDI also reduces installation and commissioning costs. Fewer components and interconnections make maintenance and troubleshooting very easy. The architecture has been proven on thousands of different NDC processes and applications since its introduction in 2006. 

Over 100 Rometers have been supplied worldwide making them the most widely used non-contact flatness measurement system in the industry. NDC’s Rometer continues that tradition by enhancing the system to more accurately and reliably measure metal flatness in extreme rolling mill conditions.

The Rometer flatness gauges are based on well-proven optical technology developed by NDC around the laser triangulation technique.  A one-piece optical bench supporting long-life laser diodes and new Smart CamerasTM create ultra-stable measurement performance that is required for consistent high precision in a mill environment.  Additional features such as automatic power and gain compensation, optical filtering and high speed image processing further enhance the performance regardless of changing strip reflectance and mill conditions.  The smaller, single sensor box is a rugged, compact industrial stainless steel housing sealed and cooled with a standard closed-water cooling circuit.  All systems also include an industrial blower to keep the narrow optical path clear.  All versions utilize a user-friendly, Windows® based interface and standard SQL® database for convenient data storage and analysis.

In addition, NDC’s W10 Optical Width Gauge can continuously measure the width of the product using laser triangulation technology to ensure the product meets the minimum width specifications from the start.  Further measurement options are available for measuring plate skew and camber and edge profile.  Optimizing the plate shape ensures higher yield and more sellable product.

Summary of benefits:

  • Accurate, non-contacting laser thickness and width gauges ensure products meet final shipment specifications
  • Wide C-Frame scanner can measure up to 5 trim for large mills
  • Very accurate width measurement of wide product from the side to ensure the most usable width and higher yields.
  • Unique flatness measurement to ensure level, usable final product.
  • Embedded SQL database provides quality archiving, analysis and reporting
  • Embedded predictive system diagnostics support enhanced performance and reliability
  • Remote connection with expert support
  • Local engineering support available
  • Standard communications interfaces to compliant PC’s and PLC platforms

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 For more information on steel plate mill materials measurement please download the metals industry brochure.


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