Process Line Coating Thickness

Process lines typically apply thin coatings onto metalized substrates. This includes clear and lightly pigmented thin organic laquer coatings and adhesive coatings. It also includes wax on aluminum or steel, plus thin water-based coatings. 

NDC's infrared gauges are designed to measure the thickness of clear and lightly pigmented coatings on shiny or reflective surfaces using coat weight. These coatings may be just a few mils or microns thick. NDC's infrared gauges are designed to directly measure the thickness of these coatings to an accuracy of 0.1 micron. 

NDC's NIR gauges measure the thickness of these coatings using coat weight without the need for muli-scanner configurations and subtractive measurements. This greatly simplifies the installation, maintenance and measurement accuracy. The IG710S gauge is designed to measure organic and water-based coatings, whist the SR710S gauge is used for clear and lightly pigmented organic laquer and wax coatings on aluminum and steel substrates. 


Summary of benefits:


  • Thin film measurement technology eliminates the effects of optical interference
  • Coat weight measurement range from 0.5-25g/m2
  • Ultra-thin coat weight measurement range from 20-1000mg/m2
  • Designed for optimum ambient light rejection
  • Highly tolerant to pass height and product angle
  • Reduced product change and start-up time with rapid process set-up
  • Supports uniform machine direction and cross direction coating thickness quality
  • High-resolution cross-direction measurement for process optimization
  • Enhanced product quality and consistency
  • Intelligent gauges with embedded diagnostics for high reliability and ease of maintenance

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  • IG710S NIR Coat Weight
  • SR710S NIR Coat Weight

For more information about process line coating thickness and coat weight measurement for steel and aluminum please download the metals industry brochure. 





Download Metals Industry Brochure

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