Roughing Mill

Accurate quality measurements at the Roughing Mill require a well-engineered, reliable system due to the harsh environment that these gauges must operate in. Producing a uniform product prior to hot mill finishing can ensure better quality and yield in final products downstream.

NDC provides two dimensional measurements at the rougher, namely thickness and width. NDC’s T100 Laser thickness gauge provides an effective measurement solution for thickness at the roughing mill. Its laser measurement technique provides a direct thickness measurement insensitive to metal alloy and many environmental conditions. The T100’s C-Frame is engineered to provide accurate and reliable measurement performance in hostile environments.

NDC’s W100 Optical gauge can continuously measure the width of the product using the same laser triangulation technology as the T-100, but from the side. An accurate width at the rougher can also be used to optimize caster performance ensuring minimum widths are achieved. Width options are available to measure skew and camber to further ensure optimum product yield.

Summary of benefits:

  • Accurate, non-contacting laser thickness and width gauges ensure products meet tolerance specifications from the outset
  • Embedded predictive system diagnostics for enhanced performance and reliability
  • Remote connection with expert support
  • Local engineering support available
  • Embedded SQL database supports quality archiving, analysis and reporting
  • Standard communications interfaces to compliant PC’s and PLC platforms

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