Tinning and Galvanizing Line Measurement

For coating lines such as galvanize and tin, coating uniformity and meeting minimum tolerances are important to ensure product quality and reduce cost. NDC's AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System can precisely measure all metallic coatings, typically zinc, aluminum (or the galvalume combination) and tin. The FVXR-1 sensor uses x-ray fluorescence to accurately measure the coatings. Each sensor (top and bottom measurement) uses a high energy x-ray source and annular ion chamber to achieve superior signal strength and high overall accuracy.

Both sensors are mounted on a scanner designed for easy mill installation and long-term continuous use. Each sensor has an independent drive system eliminating a single point of failure for both sensors. This also provides greater on-line measurement flexibility and sensor serviceability. All systems feature head synchronization beneficial to closed-loop-control systems.

For high reliability, the scanning hardware is completely sealed and rated for 10 years continuous use.  The drives are also designed for high speed scanning (up to 300mm/sec) without sacrificing edge measurement by integrating high precision position feedback. This feature also results in exceptional scan reproducibility regardless of scanning direction and speed. Split scanners (for top and bottom measurements) are also available for installation on a bridle roll. The sensors can be optionally equipped with special collimators and signal treatment to detect narrow coating streaks and with a sensor to measure the % Fe in galvanneal coatings.

For high quality galvanneal strip, NDC offers its unique ICON sensor to measure iron content migration into the zinc coating layer. The correct iron content percentage and phase distribution at the coating surface improves both paint-ability and workability (welding, forming etc.) of the final product. NDC’s ICON %FE gauge measures the percentage iron in a zinc coating and can be used to control the annealing process. Again, this is a fast measurement (especially compared against the Lab) that offers a large air gap and is relatively unaffected by pass-line changes, unlike traditional methods

Summary of Benefits:

  • NDc's AccuRay Coat Weight systems can measure a wide range of coatings and heavier coat weights (up to 650 g/m2) with a single gauge compared to conventional instruments
  • Accurate measurement over a wide range of coating thicknesses
  • The coat weight technology has a high signal-to-noise ratio performance for accurate, high-resolution measurement
  • Both the AccuRay and ICON sensors scan faster than conventional instruments providing more control data to deliver tight, responsive control 

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For more about iron content and thickness measurement for tinning and galvanizing lines please download the metals industry brochure.



  Download Metals Industry Brochure
Tinning and galvanizing thickness and iron content measurement


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