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Industrial moisture measurements for minerals and bulk materials
Measurement of Moisture in Biofuels, Pellets |NDC Infrared Engineering
Measurement of Moisture in Bricks, Clay, Ceramic Construction Products |NDC Infrared Engineering
Measurement of Moisture in Clay, Ceramic Tiles |NDC Infrared Engineering
Measurement of Moisture in Fiber Fibre Board, Particle Board, Medium Density Fiber Board, MDF |NDC Infrared Engineering
Measurement of Moisture in Nitro-cellulose, Explosives, Nitro-glycerine |NDC Infrared Engineering
Moisture measurement in ores | NDC Infrared Engineering
Measurement of Moisture in Sinter Mix, Sinter Bed, Steel Making |NDC Infrared Engineering

During Industrial processing vast quantities of power are expended in order to dry products to the desired specification. Frequently the water content is linked significantly to process performance and without accurate real-time moisture values, there is a danger of over-drying, to avoid downstream issues.

We have worked closely with industry to develop our robust moisture measurements and control systems for a wide range of processes to enable real-time process control of minerals and bulk materials. From Alumina to Zeolite, NDC offers moisture measurement solutions for a diverse range of industrial gauging applications in the Minerals and Bulk Materials Industries, helping our customers to:

  • Optimize Drying Processes
  • Improve Productivity
  • Monitor and Control Product Quality
  • Save Fossil Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Emmissions

Return on investment is key to our customer relationship and NDC products deliver unrivalled returns thanks to their longevity, stability, robustness and suitability for purpose. We understand too that a “one size fits all” approach cannot work, given the specific challenges of moisture control in each process. That’s why we engineer each instrument for its specific application and moisture range, thereby minimizing start-up costs and commissioning effort.

Whether you want to measure on-line or at-line, NDC industrial moisture gauges will deliver reliable repeatable measurements and moisture control, year-in year-out, over the lifetime of the product.

To learn more about NDC's products for the Minerals and Bulk Materials Industries, please click on the links to the right to find out more about your application area, or below to download our Industry Brochure. Find your local distributor on our Worldwide Distribution page, or use the Request Information feature to open a dialogue with our NIR sales team.




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