Biofuels & Biomass Moisture Measurement

Biofuels are a key source of renewable energy and wood sourced products such as  

  • Woodchips
  • Pellets
  • Sawdust

are widely used to fuel powerstations and municipal heating systems.

Frequently the woodchips are stored outdoors resulting in wide seasonal variance in their water content . Moisture directly affects the calorific value of the biomass, so knowledge of the water content prior to combustion is critical to the efficient regulation of the airflow in the furnace. If this can be adjusted optimally depending on the moisture content of the biomass, then combustion becomes more efficient and emissions are reduced.

Traditional gravimetric methods of determing the moisture content (and therefore the calorific value) of the biomass require weighing and then slow heating of samples till they are bone dry, then reweighing and calculating the weight loss, from which the moisture content is then extrapolated.

With an NDC CM710e on-line moisture measurement gauge, it is possible for operators to receive this biofuel moisture content information in real time enabling the operator to adjust the airflow to the furnace to optimize combustion, without having to wait for lab sample results.

This results in more efficient combustion and a rapid return on investment.

For more information about biofuel and biomass moisture measurement please download the minerals and bulk brochure.

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