Nonwovens & Textiles

Basis weight and moisture measurement solutions for nonwovens and textiles
NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement and Control System for Non Woven Spunbond and Airlaid Products
NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement System for Nonwovens. Spunbond. Spunlace. Needle Punch

NDC’s TDi (Totally Distributed Intelligence) Web Gauging System provides valuable measurements to optimize the diverse nonwovens, textiles and fabrics manufacturing processes. NDC are able to offer the widest range of gauges to these businesses and provide accurate, repeatable measurement performance that is required for these high value-added products.
NDC provides no-compromise solutions for these applications. NDC's measurement experience includes a broad range of materials and structures. Its family of intelligent basis weight and infrared moisture gauges ensure that product quality, process yield and profitability are maximized. In addition, NDC’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides a detailed insight into nonwovens products that supports process optimization for further product quality enhancements.

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Nonwovens web gauging solutions

NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement and Control System for Non Woven Materials, Spunlace, Airlaid

Textiles and fabrics web gauging solutions

Textile and fabric product weight and basis weight measurements

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