Vinyl Calendering

NDC’s intelligent TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) web gauging system can be configured for most all vinyl calendering applications and provides a complete range of measurement and advanced control solutions for both flexible and rigid vinyl calenders.

For fast start-up and continuous quality, it is preferable to install gauges on the calender itself to give immediate measurement of the top and bottom liners. NDC offers three ‘on calender’ gauging solutions depending on space and environmental conditions. They are the x-ray backscatter (XRB), laser thickness and gamma backscatter (GBS) gauges. Where space permits, any of these NDC gauges can be configured to scan each liner, but where the space is strictly limited, then the GBS gauge is the most suitable option. The choice of gauge will depend on the application.

NDC’s advanced calender controls can be used to both start up the calendering process and to help optimize product quality. These controls include:

  • Dual gap control
  • Cross axis control
  • Windup width control
  • Speed feed forward control Automatic target optimization

NDC’s TDi web gauging platform with its comprehensive range of gauges, scanners, measurements and controls offers a complete measurement and control solution for vinyl calendering processes to deliver superior quality and productivity.


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