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Moisture and Basis Weight Measurement of Reconstituted Sheet Tobacco
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Understanding the process is key to on-line measurement performance. NDC has engineered its gauges and measurement solutions to meet the precise product and performance requirements of the Tobacco Industry.

We understand too that a generic "moisture meter" cannot provide a measurement solution for a product such as tobacco, with its inherent natural variations. The TM710e range of instruments, the company's 8th generation of tobacco analyzers, offers the industry the only no-compromise tobacco moisture measurement from very low moistures right up to 60%.

TM710e is the definitive Tobacco Gauge, with full process integration capability thanks to its Ethernet communications backbone and the ability to communicate through all common Fieldbus protocols. TM710e is available in two configurations:

Both configurations are available with an optional integrated or remote tobacco temperature measurement. Analog connectivity to the process is also available via the HMI and UserPort 710e Devices.

For at-line measurement, the InfraLab e-Series At-Line Tobacco Analyzer provides fast, accurate single or multi-component measurements. The InfraLab, also available in moisture only and multi-component formats makes short work of tobacco analysis. With a 5 second measurement period per sample, InfraLab is the most viable alternative to the gravimetric moisture testing oven, as well as the continuous flow methods for nicotine and total reducing sugars.

Our on-line and at-line tobacco measurement solutions are available for:




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