NDC ensures no-compromise measurement solutions through its broad range of gauges and analyzers, scanning & profile display systems and software & ancillaries.

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NDC's FilmPro infrared thickness, basis weight and polymer component measurement| NDC Infrared Engineering

Web Gauging Systems

NDC's Web Gauging Systems are designed to deliver greater results through measurement, control and process visibility
NDC 8000 Pro.Net Web Gauging System

Web Gauging Scanners

NDC's intelligent iFrame scanner family offer fast, accurate, reliable measurement that is tightly integrated into an intelligent, distributed web gauging architecture.
NDC's AccuTrak O-Frame Web Gauging Scanner

Web and Surface Inspection Systems

Web inspection of extruded, converted and non-woven products for process and quality optimization.
RAM On-Line

Software and Accessories

Innovative and intuitive software packages; performance-enhancing accessories, designed for the process
GTXL GaugeToolsXL Series 710e Calibration Line Fit Data Logger History User Software | NDC Infrared Engineering

NDC Legacy Product System 6100

Photon Sensors

NDC's NEW Photon transmission sensor delivers the highest measurement performance for lithium ion battery coat weight applications.
Photon Sensor

On-Line NIR Gauges

Real-time on-line measurements of moisture, fat, protein, sugars, nicotine, coatings and other key parameters for process and quality optimization.
Tobacco Process Measurement Solutions from NDC

Metals Gauging

Robust metals industry measurement solutions for flatness, width, edge shape, thickness and coating weight
IRM Metals Gauging Systems - metals industry measurement systems

Length and Speed Encoders

Measure the length and speed of any moving surface without contacting the product
Length and Speed Encoders | NDC | Beta LaserMike

Laser and Optical Gauges

NDC Web Gauges deliver high-accuracy, high-resolution, reliable measurements with low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment
NDC's OptiMike Non-Contacting Optical Thickness Measurement Gauge

Infrared Web Gauges

NDC Web Gauges deliver high-accuracy, high-resolution, reliable measurements with low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment.
NDC710S Infrared Transmission Coat Weight, Basis Weight, Moisture and Thickness Gauge

Diameter and Ovality Measurements

Measurement and control solutions for wire, cable, fiber, pipe and tube
Beta LaserMike

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