At-Line Near Infrared Analyzers

InfraLab At-Line Analyzers deliver reliable rapid analysis to laboratory standards in a production environment
NDC InfraLab Meat Analyzer for the Measurement of Moisture, Fat, Protein and Collagen in Meat Products
NDC InfraLab At-Line or Bench-top Food Analyzer for the Rapid Measurement of Moisture, Fat or Protein in Food Products
NDC Infralab Benchtop Tobacco Analyzer for At-line Measurements of Moisture, Nicotine and Sugars in Primary and GLT Tobacco Processing
NDC InfraLab - Rapid Benchtop Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Measurement in Industrial Powders

NDC InfraLab At-Line NIR Analyzers are designed to give production and quality management personnel rapid access to reliable, repeatable and accurate data from samples collected from the process.

InfraLab is a cost-effective viable alternative to the time consuming gravimetric or loss-on-drying methods used for moisture analysis, as well as the chemical methods used for parameters such as fat or protein.

InfraLab has a sub-10-second measurement speed - even for multi-component analyses and every measurement is stored in the substantial on-board memory, recording the measurement value and standard deviation for each parameter as well as who made the measurement and the time and date.

Each benchtop near infrared analyzer is optimized for the required measurement parameters in the products to be measured and is delivered with NDC's linear factory calibrations over the desired measurement range.

The InfraLab can be used as a standalone device, networked to your factory network or incorporated into a LIMS network.

In addition, the InfraLab is suppled with NDC's unique InfraLab Manager software which gives the user complete control over and access to the calibration and measurement database.

InfraLab  contains only two consumable parts, the quartz halogen source lamp and the brushless DC motor which rotates the optical filters within the light engine. Both these components are guaranteed for five years. The source lamp can be changed on site by the user using standard tools without intervention from NDC.

As part of the commissioning process, NDC provides user training to ensure best practice in the management of data and to set up effective and reliable sampling and calibration protocols.

InfraLab is available in a number of configurations including:


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