Beta Gamma & X-Ray Gauges

NDC Web Gauges deliver high-accuracy, high-resolution, reliable measurements with low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment
Beta Basis weight and thickness measurement, NDC Infrared Engineering
X-Ray Reflection Basis Weight and Thickness Sensor
NDC's Gamma Backscatter Basis Weight and Thickness Gauge

NDC's gamma, beta and x-ray technologies can be used for measuring thickness, basis weight and coat weight properties for a wide range of web industry products. NDC provides superior measurement solutions across a wide range of industries to deliver the best performance and return on investment.

NDC Systems applications include:

The NDC Sensor range includes:

Key Benefits:

  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced raw materials consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced scrap

To learn more about NDC's Beta, Gamma or X-ray gauging products, please click on the links to the right, or below to download a brochure. Find your local distributor on our Worldwide Distribution page, or use the Request Information feature to open a dialogue with our web gauging sales team.

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