NDC's FilmPro infrared thickness, basis weight and polymer component measurement
NDC710S Infrared Transmission Coat Weight, Basis Weight, Moisture and Thickness Gauge

FilmPro Infrared Transmission Gauge

NDC’s FilmPro™ intelligent infrared gauge is designed to provide accurate, repeatable, high-resolution thickness measurement for film, sheet and coated products covering a wide range of applications and processes.  FilmPro is NDC’s most versatile infrared gauge to date and represents a single-gauge measurement solution for the film and coating applications.  For example, it can measure clear, pigmented, voided / pearlized, or tinted products, or stripes running through the product.  It can also measure the true thickness of voided, microporous or breathable films, in addition to their weight, and also derive density values.  Costly barrier materials can also be measured with FilmPro such as Nylon, EVOH or PVDC simultaneously with other polymers such as PE, PP or Ionomer.

FilmPro delivers optimum measurement performance through its patented infrared design and world-class optical components. FilmPro has been engineered to provide reliable measurements in varying process or ambient conditions, such as:

► Lighting fluctuation

► Temperature variation

► Humidity changes

► Barometric pressure drift

► Web flutter

► Scanner mechanical run-out

Unlike beta or x-ray gauges, FilmPro is easily maintained and does not require special radiation licenses, protective guarding or interlocked safety gates. FilmPro is easy to install and its measurement accuracy is assured with its straightforward calibration techniques and utilities.  FilmPro’s accuracy, reliability and performance represent NDC’s pedigree for advanced infrared measurement technology solutions, producing outstanding results for its customers.


Infrared Web Gauges

NDC Web Gauges deliver high-accuracy, high-resolution, reliable measurements with low cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment.
NDC710S Infrared Transmission Coat Weight, Basis Weight, Moisture and Thickness Gauge

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