NDC non-contacting laser thickness gauge

Models 170 and 172 Laser Thickness Gauges

NDC’s laser thickness gauges provide absolute thickness measurement of a moving web regardless of varying density, colors or other product constituents. Two gauges are available:

  • Model 172 Gauge - Laser Thickness - Dual-sided
  • Model 170 Gauge - Laser Thickness - Single-sided

Both gauges are designed to measure the absolute thickness of products up to 15mm (0.4 in) thick, independent of product density, making them ideal for profile measurements of products of varying bulk. Laser measurements are also insensitive to changes in product color and surface reflectivity.

The dual-sided Model 172 gauge incorporates lasers on both the top and bottom to determine surface position of the product on both sides. The design also incorporates a Radio Frequency (RF) inductance sensor that compensates for any changes in the measurement gap distance. By combining these three pieces of information, the true product thickness is derived.

The single-sided Model 170 gauge measures the product held against a backing roll. It detects the precise location of the top surface of the material, while an RF inductance sensor determines the position of a backing roll (or plate, or shoe) that the bottom surface of the product is riding on. By combining these two measurements, the absolute thickness of the material can be calculated.

Model 172 and 170 features:

  • High precision measurement
  • Single-sided or dual-sided measurement
  • Insensitive to product density
  • Insensitive to changes in color or texture
  • RF compensation for changes in gap or roll
  • Compact, rugged and easily maintained
  • Measurement range: up to 15mm (0.4in)

Laser and Optical Gauges

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NDC's OptiMike Non-Contacting Optical Thickness Measurement Gauge

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