IRM FVXR X-Ray Metals Coat Weight Gauge

AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System

Today’s AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System incorporates over 60 years of metals product experience and now benefits from the proven NDC TDi system platform. NDC’s Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) architecture creates a fully digital system that improves system speed, reduces system complexity and improves reliability. TDi also reduces installation and commissioning costs. Fewer components and interconnections make maintenance and troubleshooting very easy. The architecture has been proven on thousands of different NDC processes and applications since its introduction in 2006. The AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System is an industry leader for high-performance, non-contact coating weight measurement delivering superior measurement capability, reliability and overall value.

The AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System features the FVXR-1 sensor capable of measuring metal coatings though application-specific configurations. The high signal output from the x-ray gauge enables the measurement of heavy coating weights (targets up to 600g/m2), faster response and scan speeds, very high measurement repeatability and better calibration accuracy. Overall these help the user improve coating quality and reduce production costs. 

The AccuRay X-Ray Coating Weight System provides on-line measurement of metallic coating on flat sheet coated steel.  Zinc, aluminum, tin and other metallic coatings are measured directly by the FVXR-1 coating gauge using the fluorescence emitted by the strip when exposed to - X-ray radiation. The FVXR-1 provides exceptional strip surface coverage and represents the best measurement solution for any metallic coating line requiring a high degree of coating uniformity and target optimization.

The scanning frames and sensor heads are designed continuous duty in high ambient temperatures normally found on a coating line, especially when mounted in the cooling tower. The sensor and its electronics provide fast, accurate measurement across a wide coating range and provide straightforward integration into third party closed loop control platforms.  A unique ridge detection option is available for the detection of longitudinal narrow overweight streaks anywhere in the zinc coating profile. There is also an advanced iron content measurement option for galvanneal applications.


- Galvanizing lines (including galvalume, and galvanneal)

- Tin Lines

- Aluminized lines

- Others including nickel, and copper lines

AccuRay Coating Weight Systems
The AccuRay Coating Weight X-Ray System is available with an O-frame with separate drives for the top and bottom heads or as a split frame for installation near bridle rolls. Both configurations include the following measurement versions:

  • FVXR-1 Zn: 20 to 450 gsm/side (galvanized, galfan, galvalume)
  • FVXR-1 Zn: 40 to 6650 gsm/size (galvanized)
  • FVXR-1 Zn/Fe: 20 to 450 gsm/side Zn and 6 to 14% Fe (galvannealed)
  • FVXR-1 Al: 10 to 180 gsm/side (galvalume)
  • FVXR-1 Sn: 0.2 to 25 gsm/side (tin coat)
  • FVXR-1 Cu/Ni: 0.2 to 25 gsm/side (copper or nickel coat)


  • FVXR-1 R: ridge detection package
  • ICON – iron content measurement gauge


All of NDC's optical systems are backed by a dedicated worldwide Service and Parts organization available 24 hours, 7 days a week through the Service Hotline and Remote system access.


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