NDC XRT-1 X-Ray thickness metals gauge
TVXR-3 X-Ray Hot Metals Thickness Gauge
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TVXR-3 X-Ray Hot Metals Thickness Gauge

AccuRay X-Ray Thickness Systems for Steel

Today’s AccuRay X-Ray Thickness Systems represent over 60 years of metals product experience and now benefit from the proven NDC TDi system platform. NDC’s Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) architecture creates a fully digital system that improves system speed, reduces system complexity and improves reliability. TDi also reduces installation and commissioning costs. Fewer components and interconnections make maintenance and troubleshooting very easy. The architecture has been proven on thousands of different NDC processes and applications since its introduction in 2006.The AccuRay Thickness System product family continues to be an industry leader for high performance, non-contact thickness measurement delivering excellent performance capability, high reliability and low cost of ownership.

The AccuRay X-Ray Thickness System can be configured with one of several sensors to cover the complete thickness range required in rolling mills and process lines regardless of mill size, metal type and configuration. The x-ray sensors and c-frames require minimal mill space for installation making them ideal for both new mills and upgrade of older systems in existing mills.  Proven through hundreds of installations worldwide, AccuRay X-Ray Thickness Systems combine exceptional performance and long-term value.


- Cold mills (Tandem, Reversible & Z Mills) 

- Temper Mill 

- Skin Pass 

- Caster  

- Annealing line  

- Pickling line  

- Slitting line  

- Tension levelling line 

- Coating line

Accuray X-Ray Thickness Systems:
The sensors are application-specific according to the type of material, thickness of the material and the type of mill or process line. The entire measurement range of all sensors extends from 0.1 mm to 25mm for steel and 0.01mm to 100 mm for aluminum. The C-frame size, movement (centerline or scanning) and number of sensors controlled by one cabinet are also optimized for each application.

  • XRT-1:  0.1 to 3.5 mm (20 to 60 kV, fixed for steel applications)
      0.1 to 25 mm (20 to 60 kV, fixed for aluminum applications)
  • XRT-2:  0.1 to 15 mm (60 to 140 kV, fixed for steel applications)
      2 to 100 mm (60 to 160kV, fixed for aluminum applications)
  • XR-3: 1 to 17 mm (fixed for hot mill steel applications)
  • TLXR-2:  10 to 350 µm (8.7 kV), air gap temperature compensation (ATC) standard for aluminum applicationsTLXR-3:  10 to 1000 µm (dual setting 8.5 to 15 kV depending on target thickness), ATC standard for aluminum applications

NDC's thickness systems are backed by a dedicated worldwide Service and Parts organization available 24 hours, 7 days a week through the Service Hotline and Remote system.


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