IRM ICON Percent Iron Gauge

ICON Percent Iron Gauges

NDC Infrared Engineering's ICON gauge is an advanced on-line, non-contact sensor for %-Fe measurement in the galvannealing process. Its precise measurement of the strip surface provides the data necessary to eliminate coating defects such as powdering and/or flaking.
The ICON gauge provides high-resolution %-Fe profile data that can be sent through a plant networking interface. The on-line sensor heads are robust and designed for the high temperatures associated with the annealing section of a galvanneal line. The sensor components and electronics deliver fast and accurate measurements across of the full %-Fe range.
All of NDC's thickness sensors use the flexible UNI 600 gauging system platform that supports single or multiple sensors. The system mechanical and electrical design ensures the highest level of reliability and performance expected from modern gauging systems.  The UNI 600 provides a stable and flexible platform for sensor processing, functional control and operator/network interfacing.

ICON Versions
The ICON gauge can be supplied as a stand-alone centerline gauge with 1 or 2 sensing heads (top and bottom) on a retractable C-frame, or on a scanner for profile measurement. In this case, the scanner and drive are identical to the FVXR-1 coating weight gauge. The ICON gauge can also be installed as an add-on to the FVXR-1 Zn coating weight gauge. An ICON sensing head is attached to the Zn coating weight sensor and scanned across the strip by the same drives (see figure above). O-frame or split frame scanner versions are available.
ION Product Versions

  • FVXR-1 Zn ICON: Combined Zn/%-Fe profiling gauge, O-frame or split frame
  • ICON 1 S: Scanning gauge, 1 sensing head (bottom and top), O-frame
  • ICON 2 S: Scanning gauge, 2 sensing head (bottom and top), O-frame
  • ICON 1 C: Centerline gauge, 1 sensing head (bottom and top), C-frame
  • ICON 2 C: Centerline gauge, 2 sensing head (bottom and top), C-frame

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