IRM W100 optical width metals gauge
IRM W100 optical width metals gauge

W200 Optical Width Gauges

NDC Infrared Engineering's optical gauging systems provide accurate, reliable measurement distance, width, speed, thickness and flatness of rolled aluminum, steel and non-ferrous products. The W200 Width Gauge isdesigned for use with the following applications:
  • Roughing, finishing and coiler locations on HSM and steckel mills
  • Cold or hot plate mills and levelers
NDC's optical gauges provide on-line, non-contact measurements based on laser telemetry and application packages for product analysis and systems interface. All gauges feature robust sensor boxes, designed for every specific application. The systems mechanical and electrical design ensures the highest level of reliability and performance expected from modern gauging systems.

Width Gauge Versions
The W200 gauge uses a combination of cameras, laser line projectors and laser point sources to accurately measure the product width in mill. Their design provides the highest accuracy in extreme rolling conditions. 
Width Roughing, Finishing and Coiler locations on HSM and Steckel Mills
  • W200-R, W200-FL, W200-BL: Width measurement up to 2.2 m from top or bottom
Width Gauges for Cold or Hot Plate Mills, Leveler or Process Applications
  • W200P-R, W200P-FL: Width measurement up to 5 m from top or bottom

W200 Gauge Options

CSO-T: Crop Shear Optimization package, based on contour recognition and shear set-point optimization -package. The Crop Shear option package accurately measures and optimizes head and tail shear points with the addition of NDC’s Laser Speed Measurement (LSM). This gauge computes the optimal shear cut-points and sends them to the shear controller. The LSM accurately tracks the product as it approaches the shear, allowing the shear to coordinate with the measurement. The CSO-T graphical interface displays the head and tail shapes and cut set points from the gauge.


All of NDC optical systems are backed by a dedicated worldwide Service and Parts organization available 24 hours, 7 days a week through the Service Hotline and Remote system access.


Metals Gauging

Robust metals industry measurement solutions for flatness, width, edge shape, thickness and coating weight
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