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MM710e Food Moisture Gauge - on-line measurement of moisture in food processes

The MM710e uses precision NIR (near infrared) technology to make a continuous non-contacting measurement of the moisture content.

The MM710e On-Line Food Moisture Gauge is designed to help food processers optimize their process by providing real-time measurements that can be used to control the process, monitor product quality and warn operators if the process is moving out of specification, thereby increasing yield and improving and maintaining quality. The efficiency improvements can result in substantial cost reductions, with return on investment achieved in months.

It works on the principle that constituents such as moisture (water) within a food product discretely absorb certain wavelengths of infrared light. By emitting light at these wavelengths onto the product and then capturing and measuring the reflected unabsorbed light on a light-sensitive detector, the MM710e computes the level of the moisture within the product.

Using highspeed signal processing, the patented 710e “light engine” delivers the highest resolution on-line NIR measurements available today and is unaffected by changes in process conditions such as particle size variation, product height variation, product temperature variation, ambient lighting and relative humidity changes.

Place in the Process

The MM710e is typically located over a conveyor belt at a key point in the process: just after a drying process for example, where the product can be measured to give meaningful feedback for process and quality control.

The MM710e can be incorporated conveniently into closed-loop control systems, using its digital or analog connectivity options, while data can be displayed locally for operators using the 710e Operator Workstation or HMI.

The MM710e is used in conjunction with one or more 710e Peripheral Devices to facilitate data display, networking and process connectivity. Gauges and devices are Ethernet enabled and connect to each other via standard Cat5E cable and all run on 24V DC power.

Available devices include:

The MM710e is available with a wide range of options and accessories including:


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Real-time on-line measurements of moisture, fat, protein, sugars, nicotine, coatings and other key parameters for process and quality optimization.
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