Photon Sensor

Photon Sensors

The new Photon Coat Weight sensor is the latest member of NDC's portfolio of intelligent products for manufacturers of lithium ion batteries. Ideally suited for anode and cathode coating lines, this photon transmission sensor brings a new level of performance and visibility for measuring the coating weight applied to aluminum and copper foil substrates. What truly sets this sensor apart from other measurement technologies is that it delivers a measurement performance of better than +0.5 percent of the coating actual weight on anodes and cathodes.

NDC's Photon Coat Weight sensor delivers many significant benefits to battery manufacturers such as:

  • Unique technology optimized for lithium ion battery coating measurement
  • Designed for patch, zone and continuous coating lines
  • Designed for excellent reliability and measurement performance
  • High scan speed for optimal performance on fast, wide process lines
  • No degradation of measurement accuracy over time
  • Designed for use on NDC's family of precise and reliable scanning frames

Two photon sensors are available with different streak detection capabilities: 

  • The high-resolution 312B-N-LIB offers excellent narrow streak resolution and is suitable for most measurement applications. 
  • The ultra-high resolution 312B-XN-LIB offers visibility of the coating and narrow streak resolution down to 0.5 mm.

To learn more about NDC's new  Photon Coat Weight sensor, contact us today to receive your product brochure. 

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