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GaugeToolsXL Software for Series 710e Gauges

Every Series 710e Gauge is supplied ready to use for the application and measurement ranges required for your product and process, and contains a set of measurement formulae or "algorithms" which ensure that the gauge responds in a proportional and linear way to changes in each measured parameter over the desired range.

The key purpose of a 710e Gauge is to provide real-time measurements in the process, which agree as closely as possible with your laboratory, compendial or off-line reference method. The NDC factory calibration may require adjustment to achieve this agreement. You may also wish to monitor the gauge output over time, collect data for analysis and compare reference values with gauge values in order to optimize the calibration adjustment. And while the Series 710e Devices such as the HMI and OWS provide displays of measurement values next to the location in the process or control room, you may also wish to access gauge values remotely via a PC.

To facilitate these requirements, NDC provides GaugeToolsXL™ software with each Series 710e order, which is packed with useful features to help users get the most out of their on-line measurement gauge. GaugeToolsXL™ provides the following seven tools:

  • Simple Display
  • Trend Display
  • History Tool
  • Linefit Calibration
  • Data Logger
  • Configuration
  • Gauge Utility

The display is fully user-configurable and you can save your workspace for future use.

Connectivity options include: USB, Serial and Ethernet. Running GaugeToolsXL on one PC, you can communicate with all gauges connected to the same network.

To learn more about how GaugeToolsXL™ helps users get the most out of their Series 710 on-line measurement gauge from NDC, contact your local representative to arrange a demonstration.

While GaugeToolsXL™ is supplied with every Series 710e Gauge order, it can also be downloaded with a 30 day license. Further use will require approved registration and a license key (internet connection required).

Click on the link to download GaugeToolsXL for a 30 day trial (requires connection to a Series 710e Gauge - can also be used with MX8000 Benchtop Paper Moisture Analyzers): GaugeToolsXL Setup - 62.2MB




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GTXL GaugeToolsXL Series 710e Calibration Line Fit Data Logger History User Software | NDC Infrared Engineering


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