Series 710e HMI, Operator Workstation, Panel Mounted, IP65 | NDC
Series 710e Device, HMI, Operator Workstation, Stainless Steel, IP65 | NDC
710e Moisture Gauge, Vortec Cooler, high temperature area | NDC
710e Moisture gauge, Anodised Alumium, APW, IP67, Air Purge Window Shield. | NDC
710e Moisture gauge, Stainless Steel, IP67, APW SS, Air Purge Window Shield. | NDC

Process Environment Options

High Temperature Areas

Every Series 710e Housing is sealed to IP65 standards. This is true also for the Series 710e Devices such as the HMI and Operator Workstation. In addition to this sealing standard, all Gauges and Devices are designed to operate safely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in areas where the ambient temperature ranges from 0 to 50 Degrees Centigrade (32 to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Air-cooled Housing

In some installations, however, temperature fluctuations can exceed this range, in which case a temperature controlled housing should be used which uses compressed air with a thermostatically controlled heat exchanger to ensure the internal temperature of the gauge is kept within the operating range. The high-temperature housing is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 110 Degrees Centigrade (230 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Water Cooling

The standard cast alloy housing (IP65) can additionally be fitted with water cooling facilities to achieve cooling where water is acceptable and is adequate for areas where the ambient temperature does not exceed 80 Degrees Centigrade (176 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Vortec Cooling

Alternatively a Vortec(™) cooler can be used which uses a clean air supply to maintain the internal temperature within operating range. Vortec cooling can be used in areas where the ambient temperature does not exceed 80 Degrees Centigrade (176 Degrees Fahrenheit). Please note that Vortec coolers reduce the IP rating.

Window Contamination Prevention

Every Series 710e Gauge has an integral window contamination monitor which sets off an alarm should the window through which the NIR (near infrared) light passes. To mitigate against dirt or steam deposits, the Air Purge Window Shield should be fitted. This requires a clean air supply and creates an area of positive air pressure in front of the window to prevent contamination build-up.

Solvent and Dust Hazard

For Hazardous Areas, ATEX certified housings for dust hazard Zones 20, 21 and 22 and air-purged systems with automatic safety cut-off for Classification Zones 1 & 2 (Solvent) are available.

Special Device Housings

In addition to the standard ABS polymer housings, wall mount stainless steel and panel mount aluminum housings are available for the HMI and Operator Workstation.


Software and Accessories

Innovative and intuitive software packages; performance-enhancing accessories, designed for the process
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