NDC Calibration Check Standard Auto Reference Standard 710e Backscatter Gauge

Reference Standards

Auto Reference Standard - for standardization and stability checking of Series 710e Gauges

Users of our Series 710e NIR on-line gauges rely on their instrument for quality and process control. The instruments are designed for the ultimate long-term stability and reliability and the source lamp which generates the infrared energy used in the measurement is guaranteed for 5 years. However, one day the lamp will need to be changed, or perhaps service work will be need to carried out. At that point, it is essential that the instrument can be restandardized to its original settings without loss or change of calibration.

The Auto Reference Standard (ARS) is an special optical reference which is used to standardize the 710e gauge prior to use. Then at any time during its serviceable life, the ARS can be used to restandardize the instrument.

In addition, the ARS can also be used for ongoing stability checks. After the instrument has been set up, a dedicated measurement station is assigned for the ARS. The ARS will "force" the gauge to make a reading when attached to the gauge. This reading should be noted - what it reads will be dependent on the algorithm and calibration setttings used in the ARS station. Whenever a check of the gauge reading is required, the dedicated measurement station should be selected, the ARS attached and the reading observed. If the reading varies by +/- 0.1 from the usual reading, it is possible that the instrument requires attention. If the reading does not vary, it is the process which is out of specficiation and requiring investigation.


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