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Series 710e Interfaces

All Series 710e Gauges are designed to be used in conjunction with the Series 710e Devices to create flexible network structures using minimal hardware and cabling. All gauges and devices are Ethernet enabled and run on a 24V DC power supply provide locally or via the NDC universal Power Supply Unit supplied as standard with each Gauge. The benefit of this Ethernet based structure is that standard Cat5E cabling and network routers can be used, obviating the need for specialist or proprietary hardware.

There are 4 key devices each with specific functionality as follows:


The HMI – Human Machine Interface

With a full color quarter VGA touchscreen, the HMI provides supervisory access to up to 16 Series 710e gauges on the same network. Providing full access to product management, gauge set up and calibration functions for each gauge, the HMI can be located centrally, in a control room, for example. The HMI features 4 scalable analog outputs as well as 8 FET protected digital connections. There are also two onboard network connections as well as an external RJ45 socket to which a PC can be connected running NDC's GaugeToolsXL Calibration Management software or for the purposes of remote service and support via NDC Customer Care department.


The OWS – Operator Workstation

The OWS connects to an individual gauge to provide local display of up to 4 measured parameters. Typically the OWS takes its power supply from the gauge via the Cat5E interconnecting cable. The external RJ45 sockets enables interaction via a PC with its gauge. Like the HMI, the OWS can also be fitted with an NDC Profibus or DeviceNet Gateway card where these are used in preference to an Ethernet based protocol.


The User Port

The User Port features all the connectivity of the HMI but without the touchscreen interface. It is designed to be located anywhere on the 710e network to provide analog and digital connectivity wherever they are required from any of the gauges which are networked to it. Like all devices, it has an external RJ45 socket for PC connection.


The Switched Network Hub

With 7 onboard network connectors, the Hub can be used for convenient network structures and is especially useful when a singel HMI is used to connect to a number of Gauge+OWS combinations. Note that the Hub will require its own 24V DC Power Supply (provided as standard).

All Series 710e Devices can be wall mounted to a flat surface via the 4 mounting holes in the back plate. They can also be fitted to optional brackets and support arms - ask your supplier for more details.


Series 710e Network Example

 Series 710e Multi Gauge Ethernet Network Configuration with Switched Hub | NDC






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