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NDC's Web Gauging Systems are designed to deliver greater results through measurement, control and process visibility
8000SLIM iView and SlimTrak Scanner
NDC 8000 Pro.Net Web Gauging System
NDC 8000 Pro.Net Web Gauging System

The NDC TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) Web Gauging System is based on a robust industrial architecture that ensures high reliability, low cost of ownership and straightforward installation. The TDi architecture supports intelligent sensors (iSensorsTM) and scanning frames (iFramesTM), with each device running its own compact yet powerful processor, called the D-BRICTM. This architecture not only supports fast Ethernet communications between the system components, but also provides fast commissioning with remote diagnostics capability.

NDC’s web gauging portfolio includes infrared, beta, x-ray, laser, gamma and optical measurement technologies. These gauges are all supported by the TDi platform and represent the widest range of measurement technologies available within the industrial gauging business. 

The TDi platform also supports a complete package of controls for MD (machine direction) and APC (advanced profile controls). The control packages have been developed for a wide range of industrial web gauging applications including extrusion, converting, calendering and nonwovens. These control products provide improved quality and productivity while reducing costly scrap.

The TDi HMI (Human Machine Interface) contains an extensive library of operator and maintenance displays. These support fast process interpretation that drives quality, productivity and process results. In addition, the embedded maintenance displays ensure high system availability, accuracy and control performance. Together these build operator confidence and a sound ROI (Return on Investment) from the system.

NDC’s Web Gauging systems can be configured for many applications from fixed point gauging to multi-scanner systems with complex controls. NDC’s 8000-SLIM platform can support up to 2 scanners, while the 8000TDi platform can support up to 3 scanners. The Pro.Net TDi platform can support up to 6 scanners providing a seamless transition with increasing applications complexity. In summary the TDi architecture is capable of addressing the most demanding requirements for the industrial web gauging business.


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