Energy Storage Materials

Battery Separator Films

Get Greater Process Visibility and Control for Outstanding Product Performance

Separator films are of key importance in a battery. The thin permeable plastic films that prevent the anode and cathode from making physical contact must be accurately produced with the correct porosity and desired mechanical properties to ensure safety and allow the proper ionic movement in the cell.

NDC's gauging solutions enable you to precisely measure the critical parameters of battery separator films so you produce the highest quality components that meet desired safety and performance requirements. Our gauging solutions help you reliably and consistently measure the basis weight, thickness, density and oil content to provide a comprehensive picture of total film quality. For example, our systems can accurately measure the oil content in PE battery film across the entire process, beginning with the wet cast film, after the biax stretch and the final film itself.

NDC's solutions are also used to measure the ceramic coating applied to the separator film.

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