Energy Storage

StrataMC Thickness System

Superior Thickness Measurements of Lithium Ion Electrodes

After coating, the electrodes are calendered to improve their energy density (volumetric) and the electrical contact between the active coating material and the foil substrate. Having highly accurate and repeatable thickness measurements ensure your operators have 100% confidence in this important process.

  • Improve Energy Density and Coating Uniformity – sub-micro accuracy, high-resolution thickness measurements enable you to maintain tight operating tolerances for reporting of profile flatness and machine direction you can produce the most consistent, highest quality products from production run to production run
  • Ultra-Stable Performance – minimal influence on measurement results from product texture and surface finish
  • Effective for All Electrode Coating Grades – uses advanced Pattern Recognition software to manage the offset between coated and non-coated regions of the electrode
  • Benefit form Automatic Feedback Control – effectively control 2- or 3-zone calender thickness to produce the highest quality electrodes
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Compact, rugged design for long life and easy to maintain

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