Film Extrusion & Converting

Paper, Film and Foil

Deliver Higher Quality Products by Employing the Most Accurate Coat Weight Gauging and Surface Inspection Technology

The Paper Film and Foil Converting business covers a broad range of coating processes and end-user products. The manufacturing processes are often complex, requiring specialized measurements and web gauging applications expertise. Frequently the coating combination represents the greatest value-added component of converted paper, film and foil products. Therefore it is vital that the right coat weight measurement and web surface inspection technique is employed.

NDC has the widest range of gauges dedicated to coat weight measurement and web surface inspection within the web gauging business, combined with in-depth applications knowledge. NDC’s applications expertise extends across a broad range of coating and surface inspection techniques to provide the industry's most effective web gauging system. These solutions provide accurate coat weight measurement and controls with web surface inspection that are independent of the substrates characteristics. NDC web gauging systems can optimize the coating process and deliver long-term results. For example:

  • Flat coat weight profiles
  • Optimized coat weight
  • Improved materials usage
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Reduced scrap

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