Film Extrusion & Converting

Cast Film

Accurately Measure Thickness and Critical Components

The cast film process requires high-accuracy web gauging measurements and controls to help drive quality and process yield. NDC's TDi (Totally Distributed Intelligence) family of web gauging systems supports the industry's largest range of gauges that provide robust, reliable and accurate cast film thickness measurements of the web profiles from NDC's intelligent measurement scanners.

NDC is the industry leader for infrared measurement of coextruded structures. Our industry-recognized near infrared gauges can measure both the total cast film thickness and also critical coextrusion components such as EVOH and Nylon content in the film structure.

NDC's gauges offer a no-compromise measurement solution to achieve superior results in the form of 'on target', flat film profiles roll after roll.

Increase production efficiencies, improve product quality and maximize product yield today.

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