Film Extrusion & Converting

Textiles and Fabrics

Control Product Quality Through Effective Moisture, Weight and Web Surface Inspection Weasurements

Whether you are involved in basic fabric manufacture and want a simple readout of fabric weight, or you coat or convert fabric and have more sophisticated measurement needs, NDC has the right gauges, scanners and systems to meet your product measurement and control requirements.

Our unique single-sided GBS gauge provides highly accurate total weight measurement of fabrics and textiles, while NDC's family of infrared gauges are designed to measure selected parameters such as moisture content, fiber blend or coat weight.

NDC system offerings range from the basic single-point systems, which provides a simple numeric readout of a single point basis weight measurement on the web, to our Pro.Net system that can handle the most complex multi-sensor / multi-scanner measurement and control requirements.

In addition, NDC's web surface inspection systems provide 100% product coverage enabling you to achieve zero defects.

In short, there are NDC textiles and fabric converting measurement solutions designed to fit every measurement need and every budget.

Check out our gauging solutions below.