Film Extrusion & Converting

Tire Wire Calendering

Automatically Optimize the Steel Cord and Metallic Wire Calendering Process

The highly competitive marketplace continues to create challenges for manufacturers to reduce costs while simultaneously maintaining product quality...especially in the midst of rising material costs. Manufacturers that have integrated a measurement and control solution into their wire calendering process, designed for the application, are realizing significant process efficiencies, quality improvements and cost savings.

NDC’s non-contact wire calender measurement and control solution can give you the competitive edge through more accurate measurement and better process visibility and control. Our automated gauging systems enable you to catch issues early in the process and resolve them fast to produce higher quality products more efficiently.

NDC offers an integrated system solution of gauges, scanners and controllers to independently measure basis weight (total weight), balance (true top and bottom coat weight), wire count, wire position, gum edge, sheet width and product thickness. Depending on the calender configuration and performance requirements, gauges and scanners can be mounted on the calender rolls (bowls, cylinders) or after the calender.

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