Film Extrusion & Converting


Defining a New Standard in Haze Measurement

Haze is a critical quality parameter for plastic films, various plastic sheet products and other transparent materials.

In packaging applications, first impressions are everything. A hazy film can make a product appear low quality in the eyes of the consumer. In other applications, a high level of haze in packaging may be necessary to make colors, graphics and text appear vibrant and deliver visual impact.

NDC's HazePro gauge is the industry's only true non-contact on-line measurement system that accurately and reliably measures the optical quality of transparent materials so you can control haze.

  • Optical films
  • Solar panel films
  • Anti-glare films
  • Agricultural films
  • Packaging films
  • And more...

Check out our HazePro gauge below to control the clarity of extruded transparent film products.